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Raseiniai EP

During a short tour to the UK in September 2014 our van, including all our instruments and equipment, was stolen in London. British authorities shelved the case quite soon. Then, in December, we received an anonymous call and an email followed, saying our belongings could be found in Raseiniai, a small Lithuanian city. We immediately called the police. About two weeks later Lithuanian authorities recovered nearly all the stolen items. It took another four long months until we were finally able to rent a van, drive to Lithuania and pick up our long lost instruments.

Losing our complete back-line was quite a shock. It was not only a financial disaster, it felt like the backbone of our band had suddenly been taken away. We decided that the only thing we could do was to at least try to change this situation into something good. What came up, was the Idea of making of a movie.

After going through several plot ideas with Teresa, the director of our movie, we realized that the most interesting thing about what happened to us was not the theft itself, it was the person who gave us the anonymous hint. What were his or her reasons?

The songs on this record and the movie are a fusion of all the stories our minds created, while we tried to imagine what actually might have happened. This EP is especially a dedication to all the people who helped us to realize this project and also to everyone who supported us on our way until now. We are really proud of what we have all created together.

With Love Josie, Flo, Nepi, Messel, Fridl


20. - 23.07.2017 Cuxhaven/Nordholz | Deichbrand Festival